As Catedrais

Also known as Carricelas

Spain, Galicia, Lugo

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The average score from the community for this beach is 5/5.
This beach has a length of 880 m, and a width of 50 m.
The occupancy grade is normally high and it is an isolated beach.
The sand type is white and the swim conditions are moderate waves.

Community rate

5 / 5

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Forecast for the next days at As Catedrais

Tuesday 27
broken clouds
Min: 14.33 ℃
Max: 22.08 ℃
Morning 16.07 ℃
Evening 19.28 ℃
Night 15.48 ℃
Wind speed 3.11 m/s
Wind direction 339 º (NNW)
Wednesday 28
light rain
Min: 14.91 ℃
Max: 21.32 ℃
Morning 16.05 ℃
Evening 19.06 ℃
Night 16.09 ℃
Wind speed 3.42 m/s
Wind direction 8 º (N)
Thursday 29
light rain
Min: 15.22 ℃
Max: 21.04 ℃
Morning 16.5 ℃
Evening 19.42 ℃
Night 15.22 ℃
Wind speed 2.53 m/s
Wind direction 39 º (NE)

Ultraviolet index

Ultraviolet index information not available for this beach at this moment.

Hotels near As Catedrais

O Cabazo da Curuxa

O Cabazo da Curuxa, in the nearby from As Catedrais

17 Km

10 / 10

España, Lourenzá

Alborara Del Eo

Alborara Del Eo, in the nearby from As Catedrais

15 Km

10 / 10

España, Vegadeo

Casa Rural Vila Pomar

Casa Rural Vila Pomar, in the nearby from As Catedrais

10 Km

10 / 10

España, Ribadeo

A Casa de Mañas

A Casa de Mañas, in the nearby from As Catedrais

17 Km

10 / 10

España, Mondoñedo

La Searila

La Searila, in the nearby from As Catedrais

13 Km

10 / 10

España, Castropol



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2 thoughts on “As Catedrais”

  1. La famosa playa de As Catedrais situada en la Costa lucense de Ribadeo. Formada por un conjunto de acantilados gran altura esculpidos por el viento y por el mar. Bóvedas y arcos impresionantes.

    The famous beach of As Catedrais located on the Costa Lucense of Ribadeo. Formed by a set of high-rise cliffs sculpted by the wind and the sea. Vaults and impressive arches. (This comment has been automatically translated from Spanish to English.).
  2. Playa de gran valor ecológico en una zona de costa que abarca varios kilómetros. Son características las cuevas y formas de sus rocas. Declarada Monumento Natural, se encuentra dentro de un área protegida que abarca desde la playa de Lóngara hasta la punta O Penedo do Corvo.

    Beach of great ecological value in a coastal area that covers several kilometers. The caves and forms of their rocks are characteristic. Declared a Natural Monument, it is located within a protected area that covers from the beach of Lóngara to the point O Penedo do Corvo. (This comment has been automatically translated from Spanish to English.).

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