Spain, Galicia, A Coruña

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The average score from the community for this beach is 4/5.
This beach has a length of 1000 m, and a width of 30 m.
The occupancy grade is normally high and it is an unknown beach.
The sand type is white and the swim conditions are moderate waves.

Community rate

4.8 / 5

Map view

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Forecast for the next days at Bares

Wednesday 19
light rain
Min: 11.96 ℃
Max: 13.86 ℃
Morning 12.6 ℃
Evening 13.72 ℃
Night 13.15 ℃
Wind speed 5.12 m/s
Wind direction 290 º (WNW)
Thursday 20
light rain
Min: 12.19 ℃
Max: 16.3 ℃
Morning 13.29 ℃
Evening 15.55 ℃
Night 13.86 ℃
Wind speed 8.06 m/s
Wind direction 278 º (W)
Friday 21
light rain
Min: 13.04 ℃
Max: 14.26 ℃
Morning 13.51 ℃
Evening 13.49 ℃
Night 13.09 ℃
Wind speed 9.24 m/s
Wind direction 271 º (W)

Ultraviolet index

Ultraviolet index information not available for this beach at this moment.

Hotels near Bares

Areal Turismo Rural

Areal Turismo Rural, in the nearby from Bares

15 Km

10 / 10

España, Viveiro

El Castano Dormilón

El Castano Dormilón, in the nearby from Bares

13 Km

10 / 10

España, Ortigueira

Lugar del Rio

Lugar del Rio, in the nearby from Bares

15 Km

9.8 / 10

España, Ortigueira

Apartamentos Duerming Sea View Viveiro

Apartamentos Duerming Sea View Viveiro, in the nearby from Bares

11 Km

9.34 / 10

España, Viveiro

Hotel Semáforo De Bares

Hotel Semáforo De Bares, in the nearby from Bares

0 Km

9 / 10

España, Mañón


Anchoring zone


Footh bath

Handicapped access


Litter baskets


Playground area


Public transportation



2 thoughts on “Bares”

  1. Impresionantes vistas al faro de Estaca de Bares y a la Sierra de Faladoira.

    Impresionantes vistas del faro de la Estaca de Bares y la Sierra de Faladoira. (This comment has been automatically translated from English to Spanish.).
  2. Esta playa queda dividida en dos partes con la marea alta, una parte en la zona urbana y portuaria y la otra conocida como Iglesia Vella, con una extensa zona dunar y dividida a su vez por un saliente elevado y rocoso.

    This beach is divided into two parts at high tide, one part in the urban and port area and the other known as Vella Church, with an extensive dune area and divided in turn by a high and rocky ledge. (This comment has been automatically translated from Spanish to English.).

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