Cala de Mónsul

Spain, Andalucía, Almería

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The average score from the community for this beach is 5/5.
This beach has a length of 300 m, and a width of 50 m.
The occupancy grade is normally high and it is an isolated beach.
The sand type is dark and the swim conditions are quiet waters.

Community rate

5 / 5

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Forecast for the next days at Cala de Mónsul

Friday 23
overcast clouds
Min: 15.61 ℃
Max: 17.6 ℃
Morning 16.76 ℃
Evening 16.54 ℃
Night 16.08 ℃
Wind speed 11.51 m/s
Wind direction 47 º (NE)
Saturday 24
light rain
Min: 15.09 ℃
Max: 18.51 ℃
Morning 15.09 ℃
Evening 18.16 ℃
Night 17.59 ℃
Wind speed 16.03 m/s
Wind direction 39 º (NE)
Sunday 25
scattered clouds
Min: 16.74 ℃
Max: 19.82 ℃
Morning 17.01 ℃
Evening 17.82 ℃
Night 17.15 ℃
Wind speed 12.12 m/s
Wind direction 38 º (NE)

Ultraviolet index

Ultraviolet index information not available for this beach at this moment.

Hotels near Cala de Mónsul

Apartamentos Turistícos La Buganvilla

Apartamentos Turistícos La Buganvilla, in the nearby from Cala de Mónsul

4 Km

10 / 10

España, San José

Albaricoques Rural

Albaricoques Rural, in the nearby from Cala de Mónsul

12 Km

10 / 10

España, Los Albaricoques

Olivares Rural

Olivares Rural, in the nearby from Cala de Mónsul

13 Km

10 / 10

España, Los Albaricoques

Hospedería Rural Los Palmitos

Hospedería Rural Los Palmitos, in the nearby from Cala de Mónsul

7 Km

9.37 / 10

España, El Pozo de los Frailes

Santuario San José

Santuario San José, in the nearby from Cala de Mónsul

4 Km

9 / 10

España, San José


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1 thought on “Cala de Mónsul”

  1. Junto con la Playa de Los Genoveses, es una de las playas más conocidas y con mayor afluencia de las localizadas dentro del Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata . Pertenece al Parque Natural Marítimo terrestre de Cabo de Gata-Níjar, recientemente declarado Reserva de la Biosfera.

    Together with Los Genoveses Beach, it is one of the best known and most affluent beaches located within the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata. It belongs to the Terrestrial Maritime Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar, recently declared a Biosphere Reserve. (This comment has been automatically translated from Spanish to English.).

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