Cala Macarelleta, the most beautiful cove in Menorca

“Cala Macarelleta” is an isolated but very beautiful cove located on the island of Menorca, Spain. The access to the beach is not easy and restricted by the local authorities to protect the natural environment from the excess of visitors, but look at the following pictures and say if it is not worth trying to visit it.

As said, the access to “Cala Macarelleta” cove is restricted by the local authorities, and there are a couple of things you have to take into account. Normally you could get to the big sister of the Macarelleta cove (the Macarella cove), traveling by car from the locality of Ciutadella. There are two parking lots near the Macarella cove, and then you will have to hike 20 minutes from the Macarella cove to the Macarelleta cove.

But in the period from June to September, you can get to Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta coves only with public transportation. This is a measure to reduce the huge number of visitors that were degrading the natural environment of both coves. You have to buy the tickets in advance and expect that they will be in high demand.

If you are traveling to Menorca from October to May, you can get to the Macarella beach by car, park in one of the two parking lots, and the hike not more than twenty minutes until you reach to the Macarelleta cove.

You will not find any services like restaurants, a bar or a lifeguard. It is an isolated beach, and hopefully, with the measures of the authorities, the cove will not be crowded. If you want to spend a day at the Macarelleta cove, you have to bring your own food and drink.

If you visit the Macarelleta cove, please pay attention and don’t lie down on the sand dunes that are in the process of regeneration. They are appropriately marked, you don’t have an excuse and you risk a fine. Respect nature so that we can all enjoy it.

Video of the two coves: Macarella and Macarelleta.
Panorama video of the Macarelleta cove

Macarelleta is a white sand cove, surrounded by limestone rock wall 30 meters high. The waters are turquoise blue and crystalline. There are little caves in the nearby that were used in the past by the visitors to stay overnight (it is not allowed yet).

The best of Macarelleta Cove

The crystal clear and blue waters. You will fall in love with it.

The worst of Macarelleta Cove

Because it was being abused by the visitors, the authorities decided in 2018 to restrict the number of visitors per day. You can get to the beach in the high session only with a bus and the number of visitors is limited. But this a necessary measure to preserve the natural environment of this cove.

Spain, Illes Balears, Illes Balears

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The average score from the community for this beach is 5/5.
This beach has a length of 48 m, and a width of 30 m.
The occupancy grade is normally high and it is an isolated beach.
The sand type is white and the swim conditions are quiet waters.

Community rate

5 / 5

Map view

Nearest street view to Cala Macarelleta

Forecast for the next days at Cala Macarelleta

Tuesday 27
sky is clear
Min: 20.34 ℃
Max: 29.41 ℃
Morning 20.34 ℃
Evening 27.43 ℃
Night 23.52 ℃
Wind speed 4.17 m/s
Wind direction 39 º (NE)
Wednesday 28
sky is clear
Min: 22.63 ℃
Max: 28.7 ℃
Morning 22.91 ℃
Evening 27.77 ℃
Night 23.76 ℃
Wind speed 4.43 m/s
Wind direction 56 º (NE)
Thursday 29
sky is clear
Min: 22.95 ℃
Max: 30.56 ℃
Morning 24.58 ℃
Evening 27.42 ℃
Night 24.61 ℃
Wind speed 3.39 m/s
Wind direction 162 º (SSE)

Ultraviolet index

Ultraviolet index information not available for this beach at this moment.

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  1. Pequeña cala virgen a la que se accede a pie desde Cala Macarella, de aguas cristalinas.

    Small virgin cove which is accessed on foot from Cala Macarella, with crystal clear waters. (This comment has been automatically translated from Spanish to English.).

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