Spain, País Vasco/Euskadi, Bizkaia

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The average score from the community for this beach is 5/5.
This beach has a length of 574 m, and a width of 240 bajamar / 75 pleamar ()m.
The occupancy grade is normally high and it is an isolated beach.
The sand type is golden and the swim conditions are strong waves.

Community rate

5 / 5

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Forecast for the next days at Laga

Saturday 11
few clouds
Min: 18.44 ℃
Max: 21.22 ℃
Morning 19.52 ℃
Evening 20.8 ℃
Night 18.44 ℃
Wind speed 3.88 m/s
Wind direction 49 º (NE)
Sunday 12
light rain
Min: 17.63 ℃
Max: 22.01 ℃
Morning 17.63 ℃
Evening 21.4 ℃
Night 18.32 ℃
Wind speed 3.95 m/s
Wind direction 75 º (ENE)
Monday 13
scattered clouds
Min: 17.68 ℃
Max: 22.07 ℃
Morning 18.27 ℃
Evening 20.63 ℃
Night 17.68 ℃
Wind speed 3.99 m/s
Wind direction 337 º (NNW)

Ultraviolet index

Ultraviolet index information not available for this beach at this moment.

Hotels near Laga

Urresillo Landetxea

Urresillo Landetxea, in the nearby from Laga

11 Km

10 / 10

España, Meñaca

Agroturismo Txarbadi

12 Km

10 / 10

España, Meñaca

Hotel Katxi Morga

Hotel Katxi Morga, in the nearby from Laga

14 Km

10 / 10

España, Morga

Hotel Garazar

Hotel Garazar, in the nearby from Laga

15 Km

10 / 10

España, Mendexa

Lekeitio Aterpetxea Hostel

Lekeitio Aterpetxea Hostel, in the nearby from Laga

13 Km

10 / 10

España, Ispaster



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Surf zone

Surf zone


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1 thought on “Laga”

  1. Playa aislada, que presenta una alta afluencia de público, pero a pesar de esto goza de una cierta tranquilidad. Está enclavada dentro de la Reserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai.

    Isolated beach, which presents a high influx of people, but despite this enjoys a certain tranquility. It is located within the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. (This comment has been automatically translated from Spanish to English.).

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