How to avoid sunburns at the beach

The memory of a pleasant day at the beach can be marred if you get a sunburn. You can become a sunburn from overexposure to UV radiation, and this happens quite commonly at the beach. Especially if you are not used to going to the beach. It is better to avoid sunburns at the beach to make your beach day more enjoyable.

Not only is it uncomfortable to have a sunburn, but if these are repeated over time the likelihood of developing skin cancer increases. It has been estimated that over 30% of melanomas (skin cancer) could be prevented by avoiding been sunburned.

Image of a sunburnt woman. Source: wikimedia.

A sunburn manifests typically as redness in the skin, with different degrees of pain, depending on the severity of the exposure. Of course, there can be more severe symptoms, but we would like to highlight that multiple slight sunburns over the years increase the probability of having skin cancer too.

Because of that, you should avoid all kind of sunburns: the mild sunburns and of course the severe sunburns. Below we present a series of tips to avoid sunburns:

Check the expected UV intensity before going to the beach

The UV index indicates the risk of getting a sunburn at a given time and location. The most contributing factors are the time of the day and the weather conditions (cloud cover, the season of the year, etc). You can check the UV index in advance with our Android App or on our website. Simply go to the detail page of the beach you want a visit, and you will get the expected UV index for it.

The best thing about the sun is the shade

If you are not especially interested in getting a suntan, then consider to sit under an umbrella, and to wear sun protective clothing the more time the better. You must take extreme precautions when talking about children. The skin of a child is very sensitive and can be sunburned very easily.

The best thing about the sun is the shade. Don't mind to sit under an umbrella if you are not specially interested getting a suntan.
The best thing about the sun is the shade. Don’t mind to sit under an umbrella if you are not specially interested getting a suntan.

Avoid the central hours of the day

The UV index is very high in from 11 hours to 16 hours. Avoid to take a sunbathe in those period of hours.

Apply sunscreen frequently

Use a sunscreen protective cream with an index of 30 or higher, and renew the sunscreen frequently. Apply the sunscreen cream at least 30 minutes before exposing to the sun. And renew especially after taking a bath. Don’t forget a protective UV lipstick for your lips.

Don’t forget to use a hat or cap, wear sunglasses, and if not very interested in a suntan, it is better to wear a t-shirt if you feel that your skin has had enough for that day.

By following these advices the probability you receive a sunburn decreases enormously!

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