Meet an interesting travel directory and blog.

The internet is full of pages related to traveling although sometimes there is so much variety that it is not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. But today, surfing the internet searching resources to prepare our next travel, I found the Travel Directory

Some say that the time of the thematic directories has passed, but maybe because we feel nostalgic we think that Travel Directory is a good resource for travelers. It is true that you can find almost all what you are looking for by searching in Google but in the past the web directories where a valuable source to find interesting websites., a classical web directory with resources related with travelling., a classical web directory with resources related with travelling. is online since the year 2002 and has a lot of resources useful for travelers. The first one is the travel blog, with hundreds of articles covering many different thematics. Learn about international travel insurances or read about the best coffee houses in Europe. There are a lot of interesting articles and the author publishes new articles almost daily.

In the Travel Guides section of the web, you can find travel guides for almost every country in the world, from Afganistan to Zimbabwe. And last but not least interesting, in the categorized directory you will find a curated list with the most interesting websites related to travelling, well organized in categories. More than 100 categories, each of them with tens of useful websites related to travelling.

If you are a perfectionist traveler and you like to be informed about your destination before getting to it (and if you are reading this blog, there are good chances you are such kind of person), you will find the Travel Directory a good resource to have in your favorite bookmarks.

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